Author Nick Howell

Working Remotely & How to Prepare
In 2011, I relocated from Los Angeles to RTP to join NetApp. I didn’t even make it 2 years before having to head back to LA in 2013 for my own sanity. Since then, I have been considered a remote worker. Working from Home (WFH) has been a way of life for me these last...
Just When I Thought I Was Out … They Pull Me Back In!
It’s pretty amazing what a couple of years away, some serious time off for passion projects, and building your own company can do for your perspective in life. What I’ve Been Up To Two years ago, in July of 2016, I made a decision to take a long-term sabbatical to come to terms with my...
What’s this Orbital Jigsaw stuff, DatacenterDude?
A lot of the responses to my previous post on taking a sabbatical that I received privately were inquiries about what I was up to, and a lot of questions around what all this Orbital Jigsaw mumbo-jumbo is about. So, rather than write dozens of individual descriptions, I thought I would take some time and lay...
Getting Fired & Taking a Sabbatical … and How it Changed Things for Me
Pushed to the brink and taking the break I never knew I needed.
Converged versus Hyperconverged
Hyperconverged is simply "more converged" than converged.
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