Happy Thanksgiving!
We wanted to take a moment to wish all of the readers, contributors, and new podcast listeners a Happy Thanksgiving from all of us here at DatacenterDude.com. We’re thankful for our audience, thankful to GoDaddy for excellent better-than-five-9’s hosting, and thankful to work in an amazing dynamic industry of Information Technology in the 21st century....
NetApp & VMware: vVols UPDATE!
After the incredible response to Graham Smith’s guest blog post showcasing our vVol’s tech preview, and the huge interest at VMworld EU in Barcelona, Graham decided to make some additional videos around vVol’s, Storage Profiles, and VASA.
NetApp VSC 4.1 – Deep Dive
In case you missed the podcast episode today, I wanted to post another reminder here, with a way to listen in on the site right here. If you’re a NetApp + VMware customer, you NEED to hear this info! The first episode went EXTREMELY well, and tons of content was shared from four different lead...
Being Robbed and Beating Women
It’s a strange thing being robbed.   You don’t expect it, think other people are nuts, and they must be doing something wrong when it happens to them. That would never happen to me!  …you’d say.
VMworld with TrainSignal and EngineersUnplugged
One of the coolest parts of VMworld is the community and brotherhood and level of camaraderie that a large group of us have become a part of.  I wanted to take a moment to highlight two key groups that were interviewing members of the community to highlight their opinions, as well as their areas of expertise.
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