CCNA Cloud – Understanding Cisco Cloud Fundamentals Study Guide

By on 07/13/2015.


Cisco recently announced a new Cloud certification track that is focused on enabling ‘professionals to build private and hybrid cloud-based Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) solutions’. With this being such a new track we are still light on details but what we do know is that there the will be both a CCNA and CCNP Cloud certification with each certification requiring multiple exams.

While we wait for more details to become available we can start by breaking down what we do know. In this case we will be taking a look at the exam topics for the Understanding Cisco Cloud Fundamentals (210-451) exam which will be the first of two exams required for the CCNA Cloud.

Note: Each of the links below will link to a deeper-dive article on each subject …

Section 1 : Cloud Characteristics and Models

1.1 – Describe common cloud characteristics

1.2 – Describe Cloud Service Models

Section 2 : Cloud Deployment

2.1 – Describe cloud deployment models

2.2 – Describe the Components of the Cisco Intercloud Solution

Section 3 : Basic Knowledge of Cloud Compute

3.1 – Identify key features of Cisco UCS

3.2 – Describe Server Virtualization

Section 4 : Basic Knowledge of Cloud Networking

4.1 – Describe network architectures for the data center

4.2 – Describe Infrastructure Virtualization

Section 5 : Basic Knowledge of Cloud Storage

5.1 – Describe storage provisioning concepts

5.2 – Describe the difference between all the storage access technologies

5.3 – Describe basic SAN storage concepts

5.4 – Describe basic NAS storage concepts

5.5 – Describe the various Cisco storage network devices

5.6  – Describe various integrated infrastructures

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