Goodbye Dropbox, Hello Google Drive

By on 01/22/2013.

Google Drive

The title says it all.

I’ve used Dropbox, both personally and professionally, for some time now.  One of the biggest chores is the sharing process.  While it’s not terrible, it’s a still a bit of a chore.  Bouncing email conversations and approvals between recipients.

I’m here to announce that I will be officially vacating all of my data out of Dropbox.  No, not for some scandalous TOS stuff like what they pulled a couple years ago with the “if you upload it to us, we own it” statement.

Know what I’ve also been using for the better part of a decade?  Gmail.   Sometime in the last 6-12 months, I also installed Google Drive, but all that was in there was some old stuff that was still online as part of my Google Docs.  I guess they got put into gDrive at some point.

Yesterday, I went to send an email, and clicked the paper clip to attach a small file.  Up popped this message about “using Google Drive to attach this file…”

Google Drive screenshot

*light bulb*

Dropbox, you were just served your notice.

Let’s break down what this actually does for you….

  • Both gDrive and Dropbox both live sync files to your computer, almost in the exact same way.  I have a special folder in Finder with their name’s, and a tray icon and submenu for each one.
  • Sure, I can share files in Dropbox, and then email a link.
  • People still spend a good portion of their time in email, and it likely remains the primary form of sharing data.
  • Being able to attach/link in a new gmail mail from my gDrive account might be one of the best and most underrated/unknown things out there today.

And if we really take this to the extreme…. You now can also send ~10GB attachments, assuming tiny email, and one giant file in your gDrive.

Think about that for a second.  Really let it sink in.  10GB!  We’ve been saddled at the 20MB mark for a long time now with most cloud-based and enterprise mail systems.

I’m sold.  I have 6 gmail accounts, all linked to my main gmail account, that is also linked itself to my gDrive account.


  • What file sharing service(s) do you use and why?
  • Is Dropbox sharing  one of the things they’re really lacking, true email integration?
  • Have you tried Google Drive yet?  I’m fairly novice, but it looks straightforward enough.  Give me some tips!