Synology and iTunes

By on 02/13/2014.


What a response to my last Synology post!  Thanks very much to everyone who commented and provided feedback, and for those of you that used the links to purchase some of the same gear, thank you as well for supporting!

As requested over and over, here’s a walkthrough video detailing my iTunes setup, file management, and metadata configuration, as well as a lot of other tips involved along the way related to migrating iTunes to the Synology, converting to MP4/M4V, and tagging with all of the proper metadata.

Be sure to watch in Full Screen and in 1080p HD for the best quality!


Here’s a screenshot of THE WIZARD on the Apple TV after being added to iTunes, being served from the Synology…

The Wizard on Apple TV

Next up, I’m hoping to give you a detailed walkthrough of the LAGG/LACP configuration of the Synology 1813+ and the Cisco SG300.

Let me know in the comments if I missed anything, or what else you all would like to see!



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  • satcomer

    How does it run now on the AppleTV?

  • Nasemann

    Instead of dragging the movie to iTunes you could move the file to the “Automatically add to iTunes” folder. In that way you save time by only moving the file instead of copying it…

  • chad

    Can the Synology iTunes Server app replace the function of you mac mini running iTunes?

    • chad

      oops…I see you mentioned that won’t work.

  • Brian

    I have better performance when I keep my iTunes library file the synology cloud station and have iTunes keep my media files on the NAS. With this configuration the library file is being updated on the local machine and then syncs with the Synology (and the other machines on the network).

    • Thats a really good idea. I’ll have to try that! Thanks!

  • Jeff

    Can I still utilize iTunes Match if I so desire using this Synology/iTunes set up on my DS213air?

  • Paulinho Chin

    iTunes keeps telling me the itl file is locked, on a local disk or I do not have write permission for this file.. Does this have to do with that I see the Synology in the network list in Finder, not in devices like in your video? Thanks, keep up the good work!

  • Mike

    Any chance you will post the 1813+ and LAGG write up?

  • JS

    Nick, Brian – can you elaborate on the Synology Cloud Station set up?

  • Anthony

    I understand that you are using the Mac Mini to run the iTunes. Are you using shared library for it to work? Is there a way to do away with that and let Synology do all the work. Because it is not practical to have 2 systems running 24/7 to perform a task; to play anything on the apple tv from the iTunes library on demand. Thanks for the video!

    • Anthony

      Hey Nick, ignore my question earlier. after some digging online, i realised that it is not possible to have iTunes running on the Synology.

      So the next question i have is since the iTunes is run from the Mac Mini, does it mean that if you need to sync your iDevices you will have to plug them into the Mac Mini? Because i have tried to open iTunes on different MacBooks at the same time, but the second one would not open because the library is now locked since the first one is already using it. Is there a way around this? Having to always go to the Mac Mini to sync the iDevice is going to be troublesome. Not to mention, all new tunes and videos have to be added into the always ON Mac Mini(which is not the primary computer i will use since it just sits there for the purpose of iTunes only) unless its turned off so that other computer can run the iTunes files from the NAS to update the new Tunes and Videos.


  • Michael Fanous

    Trying to replicate your setup, it might make my life easier. I have Synology DS1513+ (5 Bays), my current setup which is probably wrong, a folder called “music”, a folder called “video”, and those are the folders that used to be within iTunes Media folder (bad idea). So starting from scratch…Do I need a mac mini running 24/7 to communicate with the Syn? Or can it be any laptop? I have 2 laptops (MPB and Dell), and my spouse has her MPB….now comes the discussion of syncing your iDevices back to iTunes (purchased apps, music, etc)…Best advice?

  • shippie

    I ran this exact same setup for about a year then gave up because I had to restart my mac mini every time I updated the SW version on the synology or had a network hiccup.

    How have you over come that?

  • bob felicci

    Nick, there are 2 folders in my itunes. One “movies” and one “Home Movies”. If i do a quick test like you did with a personal movie, it stores it in the home movie folder not in the “movies” folder. Can you do a tutorial on using the iphone, ipad to connect to the NAS remotely? that would be helpful. thanks

  • KeithCollyer

    I’ve seen lots of discussion about moving the iTunes media to Synology, which is how I ended up here, but I’ve not seen anyone yet explain why it is worth using the iTunes server rather than just shifting the library as files and pointing the iTunes client at the new library location. What advantages do you get?

  • Eagle

    How are you accessing the files in the Synology? It looks like you are using an AFP share. I have a DS415+ and I’m doing something similar to you, but I am accessing the files via an NFS automount. I never found a way to automatically mount an AFP mount, which is why I went the NFS automount route.

    Also, do you use Video Station or Audio Station on the Synology? I wanted a way to use my media files by both iTunes and the Video/Audio Station apps. The solution I came up with was to disable iTunes’s automatic management of the directory, and to put iTunes music files into /volume1/music on the Synology, and iTunes movies/TV shows into /volume1/video on the Synology, but I want something more elegant than this. Maybe I should let iTunes manage the files, and specify the iTunes directory as a the directory on the Synology that contains both music and video files.

    Thanks for the info on MP4Tools. I don’t use torrents, but I do rip all of my own videos, and I had been manually entering the few things I cared about (notably the movie poster and genre); MP4Tools will automate that for me.