Synology and iTunes


What a response to my last Synology post!  Thanks very much to everyone who commented and provided feedback, and for those of you that used the links to purchase some of the same gear, thank you as well for supporting!

As requested over and over, here’s a walkthrough video detailing my iTunes setup, file management, and metadata configuration, as well as a lot of other tips involved along the way related to migrating iTunes to the Synology, converting to MP4/M4V, and tagging with all of the proper metadata.

Be sure to watch in Full Screen and in 1080p HD for the best quality!


Here’s a screenshot of THE WIZARD on the Apple TV after being added to iTunes, being served from the Synology…

The Wizard on Apple TV

Next up, I’m hoping to give you a detailed walkthrough of the LAGG/LACP configuration of the Synology 1813+ and the Cisco SG300.

Let me know in the comments if I missed anything, or what else you all would like to see!


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