#19 Microsoft TechEd Preview

By on 05/24/2013.

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On this episode of the NetApp Communities Podcast, we bring back the Microsoft guys to talk about MMS, congratulate them for winning Server Platform Partner of the Year, and give you a deep dive into everything you need to know for TechEd 2013.


Glenn Sizemore – Microsoft Private Cloud
Rob Briggs – Microsoft VDI
Rob Quimby – Microsoft Exchange
Rob Barker – Microsoft SharePoint
Pavel Lobanov – Hyper-V/SMB3
Chris Lionetti – SMI-S/Hardware/SNIA Co-chair

[Microsoft TEAM blog] http://blogs.netapp.com/msenviro

Useful Links

[VDIRob Briggs’ blog post on Microsoft VDI with XenDesktop 7.0 + NetApp
[SharePointRob “The SharePoint Guy” Barker’s Blog
[SharePoint] SnapManager for SharePoint 7.1 (w/ support for SharePoint 2013!)
[Windows 2012] Introduction to Offloaded Data Transfers (ODX)
[Hyper-V] Microsoft Private Cloud Fast Track Solution

VSC 4.2
Flash Accel 1.1.1 using VSC (requires login)
[KB 1013941How to configure both vCenter Server and Data ONTAP RBAC for VSC 4.2 for VMware vSphere
[KB 2017782VSC & Flash Accel Time Skew causes Java Exception
[KB 2017642] Cannot enable Flash Accel cache device without diskUUID enabled in VM


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