#45 Microsoft TechEd 2014 Preview

By on 05/11/2014.

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On this episode of the NetApp Communities Podcast, we bring in the entire Microsoft ensemble to give you a thorough preview of all the goodness you can expect to see from NetApp at Microsoft TechEd next week.

Special Guests

This episode featured the complete ensemble of Microsoft experts at NetApp, and rather than list out their fancy titles, I thought I would keep it simple by letting you know their core focus areas…

Glenn Sizemore – The Microsoft Infrastructure & Powershell Guy
Pavel Lobanov – The Hyper-V & SMB3 Guy
Pat Synthosin – The MSSQL Guy
Chris Lionetti – The Hardware, Fibre Channel, and SNIA chair for SMI-S Guy
Robert Quimby – The Exchange Guy
Kevin Hill – The Automation in the Public Cloud Guy

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