NetApp announces Integrated VMware EVO:RAIL Solution

By on 12/06/2014.


VMW-LOGO-EVO-Rail-108So we all know about VMware’s EVO:RAIL hyper-converged VSAN-based solution, right? Nice software-defined solution for your branch office (or VDI platform, or test/dev environment, virtual private cloud, etc) that can be stood up in little more than 15 minutes? Well what if you could extend that solution into your wider enterprise environment and out into the public cloud platforms?

The NetApp Integrated EVO:RAIL Solution promises to integrate the existing EVO:RAIL platform into the NetApp datacenter AND the public cloud, by leveraging Clustered Data ONTAP (and all the good stuff that comes with it) and NetApp Data Fabric to move workloads between ecosystems.

Currently the only publicly available information on this is detailed on the NetApp website here, and on the Community Blog here, but can be summarized like this:

Key Features

  • Enterprise proven technology – #1 storage OS, #1 virtualization software, world class services.
  • Easier to order, install, configure and manage – single SKU, quickly configure in less than 20 minutes, and centralized management across virtualized servers and storage.
  • Greater storage efficiency – Use less storage with built in reduplication, compression, space-efficient RAID thin provisioning, and more.
  • Greater storage agility – NetApp Integrated EVO:RAIL Solution provides tiered storage spanning flash, disk drives, and cloud capacity that can be provisioned in minutes and that scales to petabytes.
  • Deep management integration in VMware and enterprise application. Data management operations are offloaded from the CPU and both server, storage and virtual infrastructure in NetApp Integrated EVO:RAIL Solution can be managed through vCenter
  • Built-in Enterprise Data Protection – NetApp Integrated EVO:RAIL Solution eliminates the need for separate backup and DR infrastructure by embedding snapshot, replication, and recovery features into the platform. These operations are non-disruptive and can be scheduled frequently without impacting production.
  • Easily extended to the Hybrid Cloud – NetApp Integrated EVO:RAIL Solution natively enables public cloud resources to be leveraged for extra storage and compute capacity, and for standby operations like disaster recovery.

What is the value?

  • Easy to buy, deploy, and manage – NetApp Integrated EVO:RAIL Solution comes in a few standardized configurations that can be deployed in minutes with integrated management of virtualized servers and storage, drastically reducing complexity and speeding time to provision VMs and storage.
  • Cloud and datacenter integrated – NetApp Integrated EVO:RAIL Solution provides a scalable, software defined foundation that integrates with public cloud resources for temporary needs.
  • Enterprise proven platform – NetApp Integrated EVO:RAIL Solution reduces risk with a solution that includes the #1 virtualisation technology and the world’s #1 storage OS. Two technologies that are highly integrated and have been deployed together at over 40,000 customers.

Raghu Raghuram, EVP, Software-Defined Data Center Division at VMware, has said, “NetApp and VMware are uniquely positioned to bring the benefits of an enterprise-class hyper-converged infrastructure to smaller departmental, remote, and branch office environments with limited IT personnel, NetApp is creatively finding new ways to speed the deployment of virtualized infrastructure by solving for the form factor, support and cloud questions that every customer with limited IT staff is asking.”

Technical details are short on this at the time of writing, but I’m really excited to see NetApp partnering with VMware around EVO:RAIL, and look forward to more information being released.

Ed Morgan
Ed is a Solutions Architect specialising in FlexPod and Hybrid Cloud for ANS Group in London. A former British Soldier, he has over 10 years experience in the design, implementation, and administration of secure IT systems. He is also a VMware vExpert, Cisco Champion, and member of the NetApp A Team.