Is Social Media killing Social Interaction?

social media is smug

If you’ve ever gotten into an elevator and watched everyone pull out their phones, in an effort to avoid having to acknowledge other passengers or say ‘Good Morning’…

If you’ve ever walked out of a bar to have a smoke, quite possibly THE most social place ever, and see a mob of people standing distant from one another all with their phones out…

If you’ve ever walked up to someone on their phone and tried to strike up a conversation, only to be looked up and down in distain and dismissed…

I’m gonna say it.  This whole social media thing is amazing for connecting people at distance.  But when we all come together, no one talks to each other anymore.  At best, it seems awkward to even do so.  We’re becoming a lazy, borderline maliciously anti-social society.  We prefer texts and emails over conversations on the phone.  We prefer tweets and facebook instead of keeping in touch in a more physically interactive way.

Blowback.  Yet another example of things created with the best of intentions that have altered society in a dramatic way.

Would love to hear your feelings on this.

How do you think social media has directly or indirectly affected social interaction?
Do you think there was potentially some dark motive to have this eventually happen?
Who do we lay the initial blame on?  Who was the first?  Chat rooms? IRC? Friendster? MySpace?
Do we put all the fault on facebook and twitter, as they are the “modern” means?

Let me know what you think!


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