VMware Datastores and Virtual Volumes
Some time in 2010, VMware gathered several of the biggest storage vendors together and told them about this new idea they had called "Virtual Volumes."
RBAC User Creator from NetApp
This is one of the coolest tools for any NetApp storage admin or implementation engineer to quickly and securely standardize the process by which users and roles are created and managed.
NetApp Virtual Storage Console and VASA Provider 6.0
I'm happy to announce the availability of the latest VMware plugins from NetApp: VSC 6.0 and VASA Provider 6.0 which brings along support for VMware's latest storage innovation ... VVols
History and Future of the NetApp Communities Podcast
I've received an overwhelming amount of questions on the NetApp Communities Podcast. And it's not what you would expect ... the questions were more along the lines of the history, how it is actually run, and how big is the team that puts it on every week.
Cloud Inception
Cloud is not a new concept - it is essentially the Internet, which has its root in the 1960s.
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