NetApp EF560 & All-Flash FAS8080EX Post Top Ten SPC-1 Performances
NetApp delivered some of the most amazingly consistent performance with the "All-Flash FAS (AFF)" in an 8-node clustered Data ONTAP configuration.
Benchmarking: SPC-1 & Nürburgring
Benchmarks exist for a reason. We need a standardized measuring stick for which to measure things against. For the automotive world, the lap time at the Nürburgring has become this benchmark for which to strive. For the storage sector of the IT industry, that benchmark is SPC-1.
NetApp Rocks the SPC-1
This post…where do we start.  I’ve intentionally held off on posting about NetApp’s recent SPC-1 results for the past couple of weeks.  I needed some time to fact-check, do some research, and eat some popcorn while reading through all of the FUD that has gone around.  To understand, you need to do some quick homework...
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