VM Volumes – Are We There Yet?!
  Guest post by Graham Smith, Senior Product Manager, VMware Solutions At VMworld in Barcelona last year we gave glimpses of the cool features VM Volumes (aka “vVols”) will bring in our demonstration of this shared NetApp-VMware future. We are a strong design partner with VMware and we are working hard with their development teams...
‘Tis the Season – VMworld: GO!
…and boy have the last few months been a rollercoaster! It’s the end of August.  It’s absolute crunch-time.  Everyone is going nuts.  We’re all excited/stressed/overwhelmed/insert-your-favorite-adjective every year around this time. It’s time for VMworld! This year, we are BRINGING IT!  More gear!  More People!  More demos!  Hands-On-Labs!  Giveaways!  Bigger Booth! Every year we start around...
VMworld 2013 Session Voting Open!
It is upon us, folks!  VMworld 2013 has unofficially begun, especially for all of us that work nearly year round to put this show on.  From booth planning, deciding which sessions are the best of the best (out of over 100) to submit to you for voting, to building powerpoints, planning our “big bang,” working...
Being Robbed and Beating Women
It’s a strange thing being robbed.   You don’t expect it, think other people are nuts, and they must be doing something wrong when it happens to them. That would never happen to me!  …you’d say.
VMworld with TrainSignal and EngineersUnplugged
One of the coolest parts of VMworld is the community and brotherhood and level of camaraderie that a large group of us have become a part of.  I wanted to take a moment to highlight two key groups that were interviewing members of the community to highlight their opinions, as well as their areas of expertise.
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