NetApp All-Flash FAS and VMware Horizon View 6 with VVOLs

By on 03/12/2015.

Today, VMware announced the the newest release of VMware Horizon 6 featuring advanced capabilities for application publishing, 3D application support through high-performance virtual desktops, enhanced Chromebook support, software-defined data center optimizations including network virtualization benefits from VMware NSX, and new features for U.S federal government customers.

Support for Virtual Volumes (VVOLs)

One of the biggest sub-announcements of this launch is the introduction of VVOLs into the suite.  What I am really excited about is two things…

  1. For the first time in a long time, possibly ever, VMware Horizon View capabilities are released alongside and in-parallel to the actual vSphere 6 launch.  Kudos to VMware for aligning here and not treating View as a second-class citizen that can be updated later.  This is very exciting! Perhaps 2015 is [finally] the year of VDI!
  2. With our Rapid Cloning technology, for example, NetApp has always been a fan and partner of VMware View, and our very own Chris Gebhardt (a.k.a. “Dr Desktop”) has been the spearhead of that front from the beginning. Today, we are happy to mutually announce that we are the first storage partner to have a storage array that is officially validated by VMware to run Horizon View 6 using VVOLs on NetApp storage.  Here’s a snippet from the official VMware post:

We have been working closely with a number of storage partners to complete system testing. NetApp has emerged as the first partner to successfully validate their All-Flash FAS unified storage array with VMware Horizon 6 and VMware vSphere Virtual Volumes. NetApp and VMware have collaborated successfully to complete tests at a scale of 2,000 desktops on All-Flash FAS systems.

thumbsup1A hearty congrats to Abhinav Joshi, Chris Gebhardt, Ben DuBois, and the rest of the NetApp development and tech marketing team dedicated to this validation.  It just goes to show how we continue to be on the forefront of technology from our partners.


Sneak Peeks

As an aside to this, since we mentioned VVOLs, I wanted to give you a head’s up of what’s coming down the pipe, and what you should be looking out for from both NetApp and….

  • New versions of both NetApp Virtual Storage Console and VASA VP VERY SOON!
  • We will be firing up a series of 10 blog posts going over VVOLs in-depth and why you should care about them!
  • These posts will serve the dual-purpose of deep-diving into the tech behind it as well as the business value that the NetApp integrations mean to you!
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