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NetApp Cloud at Cloud Field Day 13
We were back at Cloud Field Day 13, but this time there was something different... for the first time in a long time.
NetApp takes the GigaOm Radar “TRIPLE CROWN”
Every day, leadership in IT departments around the globe are put in positions to make strategic technology decisions that will move their business forward and allow them to do more with less, all while operating under tighter security and cost management constraints.  So it begs the question… HOW?!  How do you make those decisions?
Snapshots | Azure NetApp Files — Part 3
Continuing on the series on Azure NetApp Files, this is Part 3 on Snapshots.  This is a foundational element of ONTAP that is an absolutely game-changer when working with data management in the cloud.
2022 & Beyond Predictions in Tech, Medicine, & Space!
  A couple of weeks ago, I posted my lookback at 2021 with some of the bigger achievements we saw take place last year.  So, of course, it’s now that time.  It’s time to get a little nuts.  Well, kinda nuts.  Ya see it would be nuts if all of this that we’re about to...
After many delays and stock notifications, I finally got my hands on the Elgato Flex Arms and Master Mounts to unbox and set up!
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