DatacenterDude 2.0 Studio Tour | Vegas 2022
The new studio is about 85% complete, so I wanted to give you some build progress updates, and a sneak peek into upcoming projects!
Azure NetApp Files — Design & Architecture (Part 2)
We're breaking down the architectural constructs and components of both Azure and ANF that you need to know when putting it into practice.
Azure NetApp Files — Overview & 2022 Updates (Part 1)
  When I returned to NetApp, I found a VERY different company than the one I had parted ways with a couple of years prior.  I was looking for something to really sink my teeth into, and gave myself a mission to find ways for enterprise IT orgs to transition to the cloud, but more...
2021 Year in Review
Today we’re going to be looking back at the previous year and discussing some major milestones.  Not just for tech, but also for myself as it was a big year for me as well!
The Latest POWERHOUSE Storage System from NetApp – AFF A900
I’m happy to announce the official launch of the all-new AFF A900!
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