Snapshots | Azure NetApp Files — Part 3
Continuing on the series on Azure NetApp Files, this is Part 3 on Snapshots.  This is a foundational element of ONTAP that is an absolutely game-changer when working with data management in the cloud.
Azure NetApp Files — Design & Architecture (Part 2)
We're breaking down the architectural constructs and components of both Azure and ANF that you need to know when putting it into practice.
Azure NetApp Files — Overview & 2022 Updates (Part 1)
  When I returned to NetApp, I found a VERY different company than the one I had parted ways with a couple of years prior.  I was looking for something to really sink my teeth into, and gave myself a mission to find ways for enterprise IT orgs to transition to the cloud, but more...
Cloud Storage — Deciding Which is Best for You!
As you race to adopt the cloud, have you stopped to ask whether or not you actually need it?
The NEW NetApp
Back in 2016, we officially formed the Cloud business unit inside of NetApp, and set off on a grand adventure of R&D and acquisitions to expand and complement the NetApp portfolio.
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