St. Baldrick’s Update!




At the time of this writing, we’re currently sitting at well over 25% towards the grand goal of $10,000!  For all of you that have contributed so far, THANK YOU!  I really wanted to have some fun with this, and really never expected to have to “beg” for donations here.  From the 10,000 views per month the website gets, I assumed if everyone gave $5, we wouldn’t have to even talk about this.  We’d be planning additional perks because we would have well exceeded the initial $10,000 goal by now, and we’d be looking at shaving my eyebrows, carving company logos in the side of my head, coloring it like a leopard Dennis Rodman style…. let your imagination run wild.

But alas…




As we get into the final two weeks, we’re going FULL COURT PRESS!  We’re running out of time, as the event is on March 12th!

We need to raise $10,000 for me to shave my head.  Let me be clear… I never expected people to make massive donations in the hundreds of dollars like a lot of you have given.  That was the biggest surprise, and very humbling.  Also terrifying how much emphasis was put on me being bald versus helping fund Children’s Cancer Research, but I digress…

I anticipated many more smaller donations, ultimately eclipsing the $10,000 very quickly.  But as you can see, even though a very small amount of people have been extremely generous, critical mass is just not coming through.


Home Stretch!

Help me help you shave my head!  Share this post with you friends and co-workers!  Throw $5 in when you can!  You can always contribute repeatedly, the site will remember who you are, and special recognition (and possibly more) will be given to the highest contributors, as part of a special thank you from me, personally.

So what do you say?  Can we do this?  Show me that we can double to current amount and break the 50% mark in the next week.


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