Announcing Availability of FlexPod for SAP

Today, NetApp, Cisco, and VMware announced the latest in an array of FlexPod architectures, this time supporting SAP.

This is a huge step in a big direction for FlexPod, as SAP is one of the bigger and best-known tier 1 applications out there. Running SAP in a flexible, efficient, standardized stack is a win/win for both vendors AND especially the customers.

For those unfamiliar, SAP is the echelon of Supply Chain Management, Operations, Manufacturing, as well as people management, such as human resources, payroll, etc. Their motto is: “The Best Run Companies Run SAP.”

Here are some highlights from the press release:

  • FlexPod is a design architecture with shared networking, computing, and storage infrastructure. The flexible, scalable shared infrastructure is pretested to help channel partners and customers lower deployment risk, increase data center efficiencies, and create a flexible IT environment to build a private cloud.
  • FlexPod is built on the Cisco Unified Computing System server platform, Cisco Nexus switches, and NetApp unified storage systems running Data ONTAP®.
  • More than 150 customers, including Dominion, Freeport-McMoRan Copper & Gold Inc., and Radiant Communications, have deployed FlexPod and received benefits such as:


    • A shared infrastructure that scales to meet the changing requirements of growing data centers without disruption or the need to make architectural changes in the future
    • Integrated networking, computing and storage components that can be centrally managed, are optimized for virtual data center environments, and enable central management of an entire infrastructure (storage, compute, network, and hypervisor)
    • An open design management framework that integrates with existing third-party infrastructure management solutions from vendors including SAP and VMware


  • Today, Cisco and NetApp released new design guides that leverage the FlexPod design architecture in support of SAP applications.
    • The design consists of SAP solution-based landscapes validated on the FlexPod shared IT infrastructure that help customers minimize application downtime to accelerate the deployment of SAP solutions in a virtualized environment.
    • The design allows customers to transition their existing or new SAP applications to a dynamic and flexible cloud-enabled environment.
    • The FlexPod solution for use with SAP applications can support both virtual and physical configurations and scales up or down as required.
    • For added security, customers can isolate different development or maintenance environments or manage different production environments for SAP applications by leveraging the Cisco, NetApp, and VMware Secure Multi-tenancy (SMT) Design Architecture design guide.


  • Cisco, NetApp, and VMware provide a global 24-hour cooperative support model that offers customers a streamlined response to identify and solve potential issues related to the FlexPod for VMware® and SMT architecture designs. Building on this support model, Cisco, NetApp, and VMware have developed a new Unified Support Lab where support engineers can reproduce customer environments, diagnose issues, and rapidly resolve customer cases.


You can also see some current customer quotes in the official press release here.

FlexPod Cisco Validated Design (CVD)

This is truly a milestone for all vendors involved. If you’re interested in a flexible, scale-out stack architecture to host your SAP environment, get in touch with your account team and one of our certified FlexPod partners today!


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