Hitchhiker’s Guide to the NetApp VSC

For the longest time now, I’ve wanted to do some walkthrough videos of our Virtual Storage Console, and I finally found both the motivation, free time, and lab environment that was just right to get it all done.

If you’re not familiar, the Virtual Storage Console is NetApp’s plugin for managing virtual datacenters, including both VMware vSphere and Citrix Xenserver.  It allows you to orchestrate many of the manual mundance repetitive tasks that you’re used to doing into streamlined workflows accessible via right-click menu’s.

Each of these videos are ~10min in length, and are intended to be watched in order.   They are always geared for an audience that has never used the VSC before, and what you may be missing out on!

One thing I forgot to mention in all of the videos?   IT’S FREE!

Tip:  Watch in full-screen and 720pHD!  I recorded these at the highest quality possible, which makes them a bit fuzzy if you’re watching them on tiny devices.  I wanted you to get the full experience of the environment.

Please Like/Comment if you have any questions, either here or on the videos themselves!  Others aside from me are monitoring the videos for any feedback/questions. :)



Monitoring & Host Configuration


Deploying the NFS VAAI Plugin

Provisioning & Cloning


Optimization & Migration


Backup & Recovery

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viral patel
viral patel
04/16/2014 07:05

Hi Nick Excellent Video , I have installed NFS VAAI plugin & vmware status & esxcli software vib status shows that NFS VAAI . I thought after this storage vmotion & clone should off-loaded from the esxi host but it does not make any improvement. I am running vaai 1.0.21 with esxi 5.5 .
Any suggestion ?
Viral Patel

Big Data
Big Data
Reply to  viral patel
07/02/2014 04:28

When is NetApp getting a VSC Plugin for SSO?

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