NetApp Communities vPodcast

NetApp Communities vPodcast in iTunes

NetApp Communities vPodcast in iTunes

Exciting times.

I’d like to cordially invite all virtualization enthusiasts to a brand new gathering.  It shall formally be known as the NetApp Communities vPodcast.  We will be recording live on where there will be a dial-in number in order for all of you to electively participate in the call recordings, as well as a live chat interface to interact and ask questions. You can check out the site for the first 6 scheduled topics.

This link will open the podcast directly in iTunes if you have it installed:  itpc://

Whether you’re able to make the live calls or not, please subscribe and listen when you get a chance!  You can also use the “Podcasts” app from the Apple Store to sync from iTunes, or the ‘Listen’ app on Android devices to subscribe to the RSS feed on the Talkshoe website!


For the last few years, internally at NetApp, we have had a monthly call with all Tech Marketing and Developers to educate and update the field on the latest and greatest around all things happening at NetApp, and when the opportunity presented itself recently, it just made too much sense to not open this up to the public allow these same folks to interact with customers, partners, and resellers.  For you folks at NetApp in the field, consider this an enhanced replacement to the Monthly Virtualization Experts calls.

Content covered?  We’re still going to talk all-things-virtualization, and how they relate to NetApp.  Instead of our typical M.O. of having a product manager or TME present a dog-and-pony show slide deck, we’re switching to a more informal, audio-only, fireside-chat format where we can all just talk tech.  Sure, there will still be assigned topics and related guest speakers, but I’m hoping it becomes 100x more interactive, and the best part?  Our customers get to come and ask questions and provide feedback as well!

This call/podcast will be nothing without your participation, so please come armed with questions.  I can promise you that I am going to extensive lengths to get the right people on the call to make sure that no one ever has to leave with a question unanswered or an “I don’t know.”

I’m looking forward to it, and the content is going to be solid!

What else will be on this podcast?

In addition to the monthly calls, podcast subscribers will also be able to view exclusive content from our upcoming Insight events, various interviews, and mini-tech-talks that will be uploaded on the side as part of the podcast.  Some will be video, some audio-only.  I’m hoping to turn this into THE NetApp channel to get all the information you need around Virtualization.

If there’s anything in particular you would like covered, please let me know in the comments below!

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10/12/2012 04:20

Hi Nick. Recently started following NetApp technologies and discovered your website and twitter. 
A subject I would like to know more about is the Data ONTAP Edge product please. 

Nick Howell
Reply to  Andyrbates
10/15/2012 01:28

Sure Andy!  Thanks for the comment/suggestion, and welcome to the site and to NetApp!  I’ll add the Edge product to the blog list of upcoming topics and see if we can slot it into the podcast schedule!

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