NetApp is Making DRaaS a Reality

ntap-hybrid-cloudFor several years now, I have theorized that Disaster Recovery would become one of the first mainstream uses of the public cloud for Enterprise environments.  Of course we use the cloud every day for dozens of different reasons in the consumer space, and SaaS applications help us do our day jobs, and development teams have leveraged it heavily to centralize devops, but to truly move your enterprise data from one location to another, one storage system to another, one region to another, takes several layers of onion-esque engineering.  Combining that with the limitations of throughput and latency, the idea of moving terabytes of 1s and 0s between your private datacenter and the public cloud has been something of a unicorn to most enterprises.

Until now.

Today, NetApp announced introduced new software and solutions for hybrid IT deployments that improves data backup and recovery times and give customers more control over how, when and where they store their data throughout its lifecycle.

From today’s press release:

NetApp has introduced three new models of SteelStore® cloud-native backup solution as an Amazon Machine Image (AMI), which provides an efficient and secure approach to back up cloud-based workloads. Customers can also choose on-premises SteelStore® physical appliances for seamless, secure data protection to the cloud.

Additionally, NetApp is adding support for Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) as a storage tier to StorageGRID® Webscale, a scalable, highly durable object storage solution for long-term archives. The company also released updates to its OnCommand® Cloud Manager, OnCommand Insight software and Cloud ONTAP™ software subscription, giving customers new capabilities to speed business innovation and IT responsiveness.

”Every customer has a unique set of IT requirements when it comes to supporting business growth. To support growth, organizations want the ability to use the cloud on their terms,” said Phil Brotherton, Vice President, Cloud Solutions Group, NetApp. “NetApp is investing in a data fabric architecture and framework to make hybrid IT simpler, faster and more secure. Our newest backup and archive solutions help customers take advantage of hybrid deployments to gain flexibility and reduce cost.”

We owe you a deep-dive of SteelStore, what it is and what it isn’t, and intend to have that as one of the upcoming episodes on the NetApp Communities Podcast.

Hybrid cloud is real. Why?  Because no enterprise is going to completely dump their entire on-premises investment just to dip their toes into a new way of doing things that feels completely foreign to them.  This is an additional solution to what we’ve been talking about the last couple of years with NetApp Private Storage.  Being able to leverage SnapMirror to move data from your private datacenter to a CloudONTAP instance running as an Amazon Machine Instance (AMI) inside of Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a completely new way of looking at backup and recovery, and… as I’ve been positing for years now… DRaaS.


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