NetApp Launches FAS8000

Today is a pretty special day for NetApp!  A lot of work has gone into further consolidation of our platforms with a very big eye on the future.  Clustered Data ONTAP is exploding in the industry, with installations up 300% year-over-year, and clearly stated by upper management that it is the future of this company.

I’m proud to share with you the official launch announcement of the newest lineup of storage arrays from NetApp… the FAS8000!


First, some info from the official press release:

FAS8000 Enterprise Storage System

The FAS8000 supports the broadest range of SAN and NAS workloads with a single system optimized for scale-out deployments. The new storage systems can improve performance (up to 2x) and deliver better flash acceleration benefits (up to 3x more flash) than previous FAS platforms. Additional improvements with the FAS8000 include a new, storage I/O–optimized architecture including the Intel® microarchitecture (formerly code-named Sandy Bridge), expanded memory, and improved flash support to deliver superior, low-latency performance for enterprise-class workloads. Organizations can invest in the right long-term platform with the FAS systems and transition their applications confidently to a private, public, or hybrid cloud deployment by leveraging the highly adaptive, patented Data ONTAP operating system and best-in-class connectivity options. The FAS8000 provides an enterprise storage solution that enables a high return on investment and accelerates resource-intensive applications with hybrid flash arrays that give more than 2.6M IOPs of flash-integrated, low-latency performance.

FlexArray Virtualization Software

FlexArray Virtualization Software enables customers to use existing storage as FAS capacity for a greater return on assets and to deliver Data ONTAP value to more IT operations. FlexArray supports SAN and NAS, without complex add-ons, and it allows customers to unify their IT architecture under a common data management umbrella that is easy to manage and offers leading application integration and data protection. This is the foundation for software-defined storage, enabling organizations to provision and consume storage services based on policies and to deploy resources on a wide range of hardware. FlexArray software can be purchased and enabled at any time on the FAS8000.

Clustered Data ONTAP

With clustered Data ONTAP, organizations can help eliminate planned downtime and service their infrastructure without disrupting access to user data and applications. Organizations have the ability to add or replace storage shelves without disruption to business operations and access improved data security and the management of Microsoft® CIFS environments. Clustered Data ONTAP simplifies and automates the delivery of IT services to users and applications, making it the ideal foundation for private, public, and hybrid clouds.

Flash Storage Leadership

In 2013, NetApp expanded its flash offerings and extended its leadership in enterprise flash storage. With the strongest and broadest flash portfolio in the industry, NetApp offers a complete line of products, including intelligent caching technologies and all-flash arrays that provide the flexibility and choice to maximize the value of flash across the entire compute, network, and storage stack. To date, NetApp has shipped nearly 75PBs of flash storage. NetApp’s storage portfolio and extensive, open partner ecosystem deliver the responsiveness IT customers need to achieve more with their resources, advance new opportunities, and be ready for the unanticipated.


Reality Check

Here’s what you need to know:

The new FAS8000 Series delivers outstanding product innovations and values to customers.  Let’s take a look at some of them…

• 2x performance over prior generation at the same price, delivering great value for customers
• Improved NetApp system cadence and better alignment with Intel’s roadmap, leveraging the power of the new Intel Sandy Bridge processor
• First to market in delivering on-board Converged Network Adapter (marketed as UTA2), providing customers with greater IO flexibility
• Up to 3x increase in maximum flash capacity, improving performance and scalability
• FAS and V-Series platforms unified into one product line with the FlexArray virtualization software, simplifying support for 3rd party arrays
• Non-disruptive Shelf Removal (NDSR), enhancing non-disruptive operations (NDO)
• Release of 16Gb FCVI, supporting Metro Cluster configurations on ONTAP 8.2.1 with 7-mode
• System Setup Manager for FAS8000 systems with cDOT, improving 3x the time and ease of set up for customers
• New lighted NetApp logo (GlowGo) in our cabinets to enhance the brand in customer deployments
• New pricing structure to highlight the value of NetApp differentiated operating system.


Podcast Episode

We’re recording an episode of the NetApp Communities Podcast today with the TMEs from the FAS team, and will get that up for you ASAP.

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