NetApp releases OnCommand API Server

This one is for all you wonderful developers out there …

Today, NetApp released the OnCommand API Server 1.0RC1.  Currently a release candidate, but the future is big for this little gem!

OnCommand API Services provides a programmatic way through which partner applications (for example, other management consoles) can issue requests that cause the Unified Manager or Performance Manager tools to execute and return to the issuing partner application the results for a subset of the operations that can be executed from their web UIs.


I’m a big fan of this product, as I see this as a big step in the right direction for NetApp.

There is so much detail around this product, that it is simply left to those of you devs and 3rd party integrators to check out the documentation.  You likely know better than I do exactly what you’re looking for.

Installation is simple.
Red Hat Enterprise Linux
<insert light config user info>
Point web browser to IP:port and finish setup.


We’re starting with UM and PM products, but I can see this growing in leaps and bounds across the entire suite of what we refer to as “OFFTAP” products and applications.


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