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NetApp EF540


Today, NetApp announced the updating of our E-series product lines, both the EF550 all-flash array with industry-leading performance, as well as an update to the E2k line of general purpose, application-driven storage.   I’ve been very excited to talk about this launch because of some of the benchmarks we’re seeing, especially with the EF550.  Rest assured, fans of the NetApp podcast, we will have a episode VERY soon with one of the experts and do a deep dive on the entire E-series family.



From the press release:

The NetApp EF550 is a trusted platform that keeps business operations running by delivering business results faster and improving the customer experience. The EF550 delivers consistent, predictable, submillisecond response times to accelerate the latency-sensitive applications responsible for driving revenue, productivity, and/or customer satisfaction on a day-in, day-out basis. Key applications include database, VDI, and web services. The EF550’s scale-up architecture provides more data access to low-latency performance while remote replication enables business-critical application to be fully protected at a remote site.

A little over two years ago, NetApp did this slick little acquisition of the Enginio (“E-series”) property from LSI.  What you’re beginning to see now is the fruits of that acquisition.   The EF540 really pushed the envelope.  The EF550 is going to blow the doors off of that envelope.  With software enhancements to SANtricity, and did I mention DUAL 12Gbps SAS channels(?), the EF550 is really going to set the stage for a big future for NetApp in the all-flash space.  Let’s also not forget about the previously announced FlashRay that is also right around the corner that will be running NetApp’s next-gen storageOS known intimately at this point as “MARS.”

For additional details, you can check out Brian Mitchell’s detailed post here, but to quote a short excerpt:

The EF550 base models support 12 SSDs (9.6TB) or 24 SSDs (19.2TB), scaling up to 120 drives (96TB). As with the previous generation, the EF550 is a 2U form factor that is Storage Bridge Bay (SBB) version 2 compliant.

For connectivity, the EF550 supports various block protocols including:

•    16Gb FC (OM2, OM3, OS1, and OS2 optical)
•    10Gb iSCSI (optical, twinax passive, and RJ-45 Cat 6)
•    6Gb SAS (copper with Mini-SAS cables)
•    40Gb IB (QSFP+ copper and OM3 optical)

At the core of the EF550’s controller is its quad-core processor, with an integrated high-speed RAID engine to perform RAID 5 XOR and RAID 6 P + Q parity calculations with no performance penalty. This enables compute-intensive tasks to be handled both efficiently and effortlessly.

Folks, this box is serious business, and it means it.  It is definitely workload-specific, and is not meant to be the end-all be-all box.  This is specially designed to run those intense VDI/Database/HPC workloads that need sub-millisecond latency.

Here’s our VP of All-Flash Arrays, Ty McConney, giving you an overview of the new EF550.


The Times, They Are A-Changin’!

“What about FAS and Data ONTAP, Nick?!”

NetApp’s customers, for 20 years, continue to enjoy the success of DataONTAP as a Unified Operating System, and it continues to be the world’s #1 Storage Operating System.  And believe me when it say, it is not going anywhere.

Times change.
The industry has changed.
Arguably 2-3 times over and on top of itself, just in the last 5-10 years.
NetApp has to change and grow with it.

Our mission and our goal is provide a successful portfolio of products from our Shared Storage FAS lines running DataONTAP, to our workload-specific flash-based offerings for those that need the highest performance possible.

Are you running a virtualized infrastructure?  Continue to enjoy Data ONTAP (get clustered ASAP if you haven’t!  Consider this a shot across the bow to let you know!)

Do you have certain high performance applications that need the best of the best in performance?   Then you REALLY need to ask your account team about the E-series line of products, whether it’s the hybrid flash E2700-line, or the top performing EF540/550-line.

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