NetApp VSC Adoption On The Rise!

Uncle Sam We Want YOU!

We Want You!

We’ve been on a massive campaign of late to increase the adoption rate of VSC utilization/installation in our VMware-on-NetApp customer base.  Just a few months ago, we were in the low 30’s %’age range, and we’ve seen some massive growth in this area, likely due to several factors.

Customers are realizing the benefits of using VSC in their environment to leverage the “make-the-admin-life-easier” functionality it provides, and the sales team are being more empowered with content to share with potential [and existing, but not using VSC] customers, in an effort to show them what they’re missing.

To those of you out there pushing VSC to your customers, peers, and partners, THANK YOU!  Your efforts are showing!  Please continue to drive adoption, as it greatly helps you and customers be successful, and helps support keep it’s call volume low!  Doing a live demo of VSC to new prospects in EBC’s I have done has proven to be one of the most effective tools in truly showing the tight integration NetApp has with VMware.



Today, a new Tech ONTAP article I wrote was published, specifically around all of the areas of VSC, and what new enhancements are coming in VSC 4.2.  With enhanced RBAC, clustered ONTAP adoption exploding, and new version(s) of Data ONTAP around the corner, we’re doing all we can to insure every customer’s environment is set up in the best way possible going forward.

VSC is only one of the necessary means, but it is in my opinion, the most important, and the hub of the NetApp wheel when it comes to VMware on NetApp.  It will continue to grow it’s necessity as we push down the road to future versions of both Data ONTAP and vSphere, so get in NOW and learn your way around so you’ll be ready!

Other resources include the NetApp Communities Page for VSC which has gotten a recent overhaul to be more of a centralized landing page for all-things VSC.  Videos, Beta Downloads, Podcasts, and Blog posts, all consolidated into one place for you!

I’m here to empower you to help drive this adoption, and I’m hoping some of these updates and content we’re creating is helping you on the way.


NetApp Communities Podcast

Hope you all are also enjoying the new NetApp Communities Podcast as well!  If you’re unfamiliar, you can subscribe via the iTunes Store or RSS, or listen right on the page.   We put up a new episode every week, and usually post new episodes on Thursdays.  Today’s episode, for example, is on our Amazon AWS Direct Connect solution with Mark Beaupre and John Fullbright.

Thanks for all your efforts!  As always, feedback and requests welcome!

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