OnCommand System Manager 2.0 is now GA!

UPDATE!  A critical error was found in the newest release, and has quickly been pulled from the site.  I am investigating the root cause and will update everyone when I found out more information!



UPDATE 2!  The critical error identified was related to an ONTAP BURT and deleted a volume when a LUN was deleted!  Not good!  Nice catch!  The newest R1 build has been sent to the NOW site team, and will be updated on the NOW site within 6 hours (I’m told).  Worst case scenario will be on Sunday!



UPDATE 3!  The new R1 build is available on the NOW site.  The critical error has been addressed, and new version uploaded!  Go forth and prosper!  Definitely want to hear your feedback on it!


After a long Beta period, which did help clear up quite a few bugs, and improve some feature enhancements, I’m happy to report that NetApp’s System Manager 2.0 is now GA to all NetApp customers!

Why is this a big deal?

Many, many reasons, the most important of which we’ll highlight in this post.

A little bit of history first:  System Manager 1.0 and 1.1 resonated very well with customers, providing a MMC-style interface to connect, configure, and manage storage.  It provided a single interface for Storage Admins or Generalists to quickly configure new storage resources right on their workstations without having to load FilerView or the CLI, and also provided them with real-time analytics of CPU/IOPS/Latency/Throughput right there on the dashboard.

How has this evolved?

The biggest news I’ve heard so far?  “There’s a Mac version!”  (haha!)  Click here to get it!

***DISCLAIMER:  The Mac version of SysMgr2 is a community ported project, and is not officially supported by NetApp’s technical support.

For the most part, System Manager has gotten a complete rewrite and facelift in version 2.0!  It still provides the same level of functionality and more, only now it is in a slick, intuitive web interface, with tabs across the top for each of your storage controllers!

One thing to note:  You must be on DataONTAP version 7.2.3 or later to manage your systems with it!

One further note:  If you’ve heard any chatter about C-Mode, or for you partners out there who have heard about C-Mode, you’re going to want to familiarize yourself with System Manager 2, because this is one of the ways you’re going to manage C-Mode in the future.  Go ahead and get you and your customers familiar with it!

(…more to come on C-Mode in future posts from Vaughn, Val, and myself, I’m sure.  But the amount of information we’re allowed to share is still limited at this time.)

If you have any questions or concerns about Systems Manager 2, you can post them in the comments below, or visit the communities here.  I’m sure @amritad would love to hear your feedback!


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