Top vBlog Results and vExperts of 2014

Top vBlog 2014

I’d like to take a quick moment to thank everyone that voted in the 2014 Top vBlog voting. ranked in at #23 (prev #17) receiving 60 overall votes, 23 of which were first place votes.  Very honored to be on this elite list of tech industry savants, and big kudos goes out to Eric Siebert of for putting it together year after year.

It was very refreshing to see so many new blogs entering the competition this year, many of which was I unaware of.  The beauty of this list and whole process is the ability to subscribe to all sorts of technical content from one place.

Several of you have asked why I wasn’t listed under Storage Blogs, or why the podcast was not considered in the Best Podcast category.  Come to find out, you have to self-nominate to get into those categories, and by the time I found that out, the nominations had closed.  So I’ll be sure to have that updated for next year.

If you’re not reading everyone who’s in the Top 25, be sure and subscribe.  Those are some of the best and most popular sources of information that your peers and customers are likely using as sources of information in their purchasing research!


VMware vExpert 2014

For the 5th year, I’m entering 2014 as a VMware vExpert.  The first time I received this nod was in 2010 as a customer, and from 2011-present as a member of the VMware Technical Marketing team at NetApp, intimately known as the “vTME’s”.   This is one of the best forms of street-cred in our industry, and gets you access to all kinds of gatherings, software, and exclusive meetings at trade shows to mingle with the other vExperts.

There were a staggering 754 selections this year!  WOW!  For one, I’m not sure how John Troyer keeps up with all of us.

I’d like to give a shout-out to the other NetApp recipients as well, most of them selected for the first time!  Please follow them and subscribe to their blogs!

David Klem

David is an engineer on the FlexPod team, and an extreme audiophile.  He and I share a love of organized digital media libraries.  This is his second year as a VMware vExpert.


Pete Flecha

You all know Pete as my co-host on the NetApp Communities Podcast!  And he has a kick-ass blog over at


Melissa Palmer

Melissa is one of those women in tech that can talk the talk, and walk the walk.  Active in social media for both virtualization and storage, as well as anything related to space and rocket launches.


Arun Pandey

Arun is a recent addition to the vTME team, and hails from Bangalore, India.  He is writing some excellent tech HOWTO’s on his blog, High On Cloud.


Eric Railine

Eric recently joined NetApp, has worn many hats in his career, and brings a strong background in infrastructure and internal IT, with a big focus on VMware. In his words, “My focus here is anything converged with a dash of Service Provider.”  Welcome Eric!

Congrats to all of you, and welcome to the club, and thanks again to everyone for voting in the Top vBlogs!


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