VM Volumes – Are We There Yet?!

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Guest post by Graham Smith, Senior Product Manager, VMware Solutions

At VMworld in Barcelona last year we gave glimpses of the cool features VM Volumes (aka “vVols”) will bring in our demonstration of this shared NetApp-VMware future. We are a strong design partner with VMware and we are working hard with their development teams to build a solution that will take Virtualization to the next level.

So, are we there yet?

Well, we will be demonstrating VM Volumes at our VMworld booth (#1417) in San Francisco and while we can’t comment on VMware’s release date, we can state that we plan on being ready day 1.

Good things come to those that wait and there are many good things in our integration with VM Volumes that expose Clustered Data ONTAP’s abilities for VM granular operations, data protection, storage efficiencies and policy management.

The demonstration in the video below uses the latest (as of Aug 2013) pre-release software from both VMware and NetApp and shows:

  • An overview of the problem we are aiming to solve
  • An Architectural overview
  • Creating Storage Policies from a rich set of ONTAP capabilities
  • Provisioning VMs using Storage Policies
  • Using per VM operations such as ONTAP snapshots and clones



Be sure to watch at max resolution 1080p and full-screened to see all details!

VM Volume Intro and Problem Statement

Part 1 – Creating VM Storage Policies 

Part 2 – Creating VMs

Part 3 – Offloading Snapshots and Clones 

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