VSC 5.0 Video demos

Brian Mitchell of AVNet

Brian Mitchell of AVNet demoing VSC 5.0 for vSphere Web Client

In case you missed it, NetApp released VSC 5.0 and VASA 5.0 for VMware vSphere and Clustered Data ONTAP last week.

Here is a healthy list of resources to get you caught up:

Podcast coverage
TR-4068 update (Field Portal; login required)

Note: This TR-4068 Update is on vSphere 5.5, cDOT 8.2, and VSC 4.2.1.  It will be publicly available in the next couple of weeks and this link will be updated.  We will be doing another update in the next 30 days using VSC 5.0 and VASA for cDOT.



About 18 months ago, I developed a video series on the latest NetApp release of VSC, which at the time was version 4.1.

In preparation for the VSC 5.0 launch, over the last six months, the folks that write the Install & Administration Guide (IAG) for VSC decided to make a series of companion videos to go along with the written documentation.  They’re not quite as long-winded and commentary-filled as mine (I do, admittedly, suffer from the curse of verbosity), but serve as excellent tutorial guides to familiarize you and get you started with the new releases of VSC and VASA.

We’d love to hear your feedback on these!

Are they thorough enough?
Would you like to know more?
Did we miss anything in particular?
Do you prefer these shorter format quick-hit videos, or would you prefer more in-depth commentary use-case discussions?

Without further adue…

Navigating VSC in the vSphere Web Client


Defining Storage Requirements with VASA


Backing Up VM’s and Datastores


Restoring VM’s and Datastores

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