General Tech Consulting

Sometimes, you just need a third-party to bounce ideas off of, or to double-check something before pulling the trigger on a project or purchase. Whether you’re just getting into virtualization, upgrading your storage to all-flash, or any project of any scope, I can bring valuable questions and answers to the table.

If you’re a private company and feel like you need some help scoping a project, and/or working with vendors/VARs to implement the strategy properly, or just simply want an extra set of eyes on a Statement of Work or Bill of Materials to insure you’re not missing anything, get in touch with me! I’d be happy to help!

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Content & Influence Marketing


Need help polishing a pitch, slide deck, webinar, or presentation from a seasoned powerpoint guru and speaker?  Whether you’re pitching a new startup idea to VCs, or want me to take a pass at your VMworld slide deck, I have many years of highly-rated presentation creation and speaking experience to help you get the most success out of your session!


I always try my best to make myself available for and welcome invitations to any and all speaking opportunities, especially in the tech, entertainment, and podcasting communities.


I am available to author/punch-up white papers, one-pager handouts for product launches, tech marketing HOWTO documents, and blog posts for your website to insure engaging content that draws you in and tells an incredible story!


Looking to create the next viral video and want to make sure your message gets across? Let me help you write the script, and point you to some reliable resources that only do 5-star work! I have a rolodex chock full of animators, voice over artists, and editors, as well as jobbing actors here in Los Angeles, that would love to help you get your video done and published!


It’s no secret that one of my other ventures is Orbital Jigsaw Productions, which includes an up-and-coming network of podcast shows spanning a myriad of entertainment and tech topics.  I’ve been an avid audio enthusiast for many years, and consider myself an early adopter of podcasts back in the mid-00’s.  My first podcast was created for NetApp back in 2012, and I’ve since launched the extremely successful entertainment podcast called The Concession Stand.

Recording an mp3 file is rather trivial, but knowing how to structure the content, edit it for maximum sound quality, and post it with the right SEO across the various podcast networks and other social channels requires some intense brand strategy.  I can easily help simplify this for you with a few key tools and pointers in the right direction. Contact me before you make some irreversible mistakes on your own! Learn from the ones I’ve already made!

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