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2013 was a record year for DatacenterDude.com, in all ways, shapes, and forms.  For the first time since its inception, the site was added to the Top 50 vBlog listing from vsphere-land.com, and we were proud to come in at #17 thanks to your votes!  It was very humbling and inspires me to keep doing what we’re doing, including all things such as the podcast, guided video demos, and blog posts around all-things storage, virtualization (not just VMware), and beyond!

The competition is run by industry veteran Eric Siebert on his site, vSphere-Land.com.   Eric is one of the original people that blogged about virtualization, and I really enjoy this competition every year to see what the general community thinks of everyone’s work.   Considering that almost all of us, me included, do this on the side, and not as part of our “day job,” it’s an amazing chance at recognition for many out there that are actively documenting IT on the web.

This is not a request for votes, but a request for participation!  The more votes Eric receives to the contest, the better off the results will be!  By all means, if you love what we’re doing here, then throw us a vote!  The coolest part of this is the way the voting is tallied.  Essentially, you get to pick your 10 favorite blogs/sites, and then rank them accordingly!

From vsphere-land.com:

  • You can pick 10 of your favorite blogs and also rank them in your order of preference after you pick your 10. The results will be weighted with #1 ranking getting 10 points and #10 rankings getting 1 point. Point totals will be tabulated and from them the top 50 will be determined.
  • Blogs are listed on the ballot  in alphabetical order, the current top 50 blogs are highlighted with their current ranking in parentheses, the current top 10 are also bolded so they stand out. So please go through the whole list when making your choices (Duncan ended up on the bottom).
  • Again this year we also having voting in special categories to help distinguish certain types of blogs. The choices of which blogs to include in the categories was the result of this survey and my best guessing. I did cut down on some of the categories this year to keep it simple. The categories are independent of the general voting so first pick and rank your top 10 overall favorite blogs and then choose your favorite blog in each category.
  • Voting will run until 3/17, afterwards the results will be determined and announced on a special live podcast with myself, Simon Seagrave, David Davis, Rick Vanover and John Troyer.
  • Duplicate vote protection is enabled, we’ll be using geolocation, IP addresses & cookies to protect against duplicate votes. This isn’t Chicago, please be honest and fair when voting, any suspicious votes will be tossed.
  • If you are not familiar with a blog you can click on it in the survey to view it or use my vLaunchpad to see links to them all. Try not to pick blogs based just on names but also take content into account. There are a lot of good blogs currently not in the top 50 that deserve to be there.


Unfortunately, due to an oversight on my part, it appears the NetApp Communities Podcast did not make it onto the ballot of the Podcast categories, nor did I make it onto the Best “Storage” blogs category, so please consider the show as well when ranking for blogs.

Let’s get it up above #17 this year, and best of luck to all of my fellow vBloggers!

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