Resurrecting the Tech Community … in Discord?!
It's hard to keep track of just how many forums, chat apps, user accounts, email addresses, and passwords we've had to endure the last 25 years. Enter DISCORD.
Welcome to the Data Consolidation Era!
Data consolidation will be the next big move for IT departments to regain control of their data.
Changing the Software-Defined Conversation
SDS is only one cog or spoke in a wheel that is a way of life for an IT department.
Free IT Training from Pluralsight
Just a quick note to help promote something that is absolutely amazing for the IT community at-large. Pluralsight is offering a FULL YEAR of free training to all of the industry professionals who are recipients of one of the many community evangelist awards. Did you receive one of the following awards? Microsoft MVP VMware vExpert...
As has become [almost] the status quo for tech bloggers, it’s borderline-mandatory that we do a “predictions for the next year” type of post, so that we can look back on it and laugh the following year.  I didn’t get around to doing one for 2012, so I want to make sure I get one...
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