History and Future of the NetApp Communities Podcast
I've received an overwhelming amount of questions on the NetApp Communities Podcast. And it's not what you would expect ... the questions were more along the lines of the history, how it is actually run, and how big is the team that puts it on every week.
Cisco Champions Radio – S2E7: Podcasting!
Recently, I had the opportunity to co-host an episode of the Cisco Champions Radio podcast, where the topic was.... PODCASTING!
What Are We Up to at DatacenterDude.com?
You may have noticed some things changing over here at DatacenterDude.com. New names appearing, higher frequency of content, guest slots on the podcast, the list goes on.
Top 100 Tech Podcasters on Twitter
  Very honored to announce that I, along with 99 others, have been selected as one of the “Top 100 Tech Podcasters to follow on Twitter” by GetVoIP.com! These kinds of things always come as a huge surprise to me, mainly because I don’t really think I deserve them, but they’re always a nice surprise...
DatacenterDude’s Podcast List
  People ask me quite often, being a host, producer, and contributor of multiple podcasts myself, which shows I actually listen to. ┬áThe answer, as it is with all things, is… “It Depends.” So, I thought I would simply open my iPhone and jot down what was in there currently, why I listen to them...
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