VMware Datastores and Virtual Volumes
Some time in 2010, VMware gathered several of the biggest storage vendors together and told them about this new idea they had called "Virtual Volumes."
NetApp Virtual Storage Console and VASA Provider 6.0
I'm happy to announce the availability of the latest VMware plugins from NetApp: VSC 6.0 and VASA Provider 6.0 which brings along support for VMware's latest storage innovation ... VVols
NetApp All-Flash FAS and VMware Horizon View 6 with VVOLs
NetApp has emerged as the first partner to successfully validate their All-Flash FAS unified storage array with VMware Horizon View 6 and VMware vSphere Virtual Volumes
NetApp & VMware: vVols UPDATE!
After the incredible response to Graham Smith’s guest blog post showcasing our vVol’s tech preview, and the huge interest at VMworld EU in Barcelona, Graham decided to make some additional videos around vVol’s, Storage Profiles, and VASA.
NetApp and VMware: vVols Tech Preview
Graham Smith is a Senior Solutions Manager for VMware at NetApp.  While a lot of what he does falls under the hat of “Product Management,” Graham also prides himself on remaining close to the tech.  He runs Linux as his desktop of choice, and that usually tells you all you need to know.  He’s also...
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