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I wanted to make a quick post highlighting the NetApp presenters and their sessions.  If you want to bulk vote, you can use the filter for “netapp” and capture all NetApp sessions.

Here’s the list from the “vTME” VMware Tech Marketing team @ NetApp:

First and foremost, the sessions from yours truly…I’m excited about all three of these!

Matt Cowger, a vSpecialist @ EMC, approached me a couple of months ago, and we both agreed that it would be wonderful to do a vendor-neutral session on best practices for storage for your virtual environment.  This is going to be a fantastic session.

As many of you know, I’ve been a long-time advocate for virtualizing Oracle on VMware, and a bit of an evangelist, standing on my pulpit, yelling from the rooftops, “YES YOU CAN!”   Well, I created a session about it.  I also invited George Trujilo, the world-renowned Oracle expert/architect from VMware to share the stage with me, and he has accepted!  I’m humbled by his willingness to get up there and help evangelize the message.  I want everyone leaving this session with a full and complete understanding of how you can virtualize your Oracle environment, and I want all the myths dispelled!  If you’d love some clarity, vote and come see the show!  It’s gonna be a good [controversial] one!  I’d also like to extend an Olive Branch to any Oracle folks to attend the session, and potentially ask/answer questions that may come up from the audience.  But I think between George and myself, while we can’t speak FOR Oracle, we can cover all the bases.  This is not a session on how to design Oracle.  This is a session on how to design vSphere in order to get the best out of a virtualized instance of Oracle.

Lastly, Matt Robinson and I are both NetApp employees.  Matt is an infrastructure architect, and I deal with reference/solutions in tech marketing.  Together we’ve watched the virtualization industry change over the past few years, and witnessed what this has done to Data Protection.  We want to highlight a new way to think about Data Protection, for both public and private clouds.  This is an advanced session, and will have demo’s, and even a “how to code your own plugin without writing any code” bit towards the end!  If you’re tired of the monolith B&R solutions that have just gotten too big, come check this session on SnapCreator out.  The product is truly a breath of fresh air, and an interesting twist on data protection!

Scott Baker

VMworld 2012 Scott Baker Larry Touchette breakout session

Chris Gebhardt
“Dr. Desktop”

Chris Gebhardt VMworld 2012 Breakout Sessions

Julian Cates

Julian Cates NetApp VMworld 2012 Breakout SessionsJack “McCloud” McLeod

Christopher Wells

Christopher Wells NetApp VMworld 2012 Breakout Sessions

As I said in the beginning of the post, these are just the sessions from my teammates on the VMware Solutions Engineering team here at NetApp.  There are a plethora of abstracts and sessions submitted from our field, and those can easily be found by filtering for “NetApp” on the VMworld voting site!

Thanks go out to the review committee for accepting our sessions.  Looks like we got a total of 44 in this year!

Your votes will ultimately decide what we get to show you!   That’s it for the breakout sessions!  More info coming about the Hands-on-Labs in the next couple of weeks!

Stay tuned, and thanks for voting!

QUESTION: What are you most excited to hear more about this year at VMworld?


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