VMware Cloud Infrastructure & Mgmt Launch

Well, folks.  It’s here.  The time has arrived.  This is going to be a long post, so if you’ve just finished the Maritz/Herrod livecast, grab a cup of coffee, and let’s chat about the announcements, and what they mean to you and NetApp.

Today, VMware is setting a strategy to define and build a new category of software called “cloud infrastructure,” which is the full set of software that powers the enterprise customer’s private clouds as well as service provider customer’s public clouds. This will be demonstrated by the following:

  • Solidifying that virtualization is the foundational technology for cloud computing
  • That VMware, along with solutions from its robust partner ecosystem, uniquely provides the comprehensive set of market leading cloud infrastructure products.

The Cloud Infrastructure launch — the biggest in VMware’s history —includes VMware’s flagship virtualization product, vSphere 5.0, as well as vCenter Site Recovery Manager 5.0, vShield 5.0, vCloud Director 1.5, and vSphere Storage Appliance 1.0. Together, these products deliver an intelligent virtual infrastructure that allows IT to realize greater efficiency, reliability, security and agility.


What is VMware Cloud Infrastructure and Management (CIM) Software?

Built on the industry’s leading virtualization platform, VMware’s solutions ensure consistent security, compliance, management, and service quality regardless of where the customer’s workloads run: in the data center, public cloud or both.

There are three themes for the new Cloud Infrastructure capabilities:

Virtualizing Business Critical Applications
“Run Business-Critical Applications with Confidence”

Enterprises of all sizes can leverage VMware’s Cloud Infrastructure products to run their business-critical applications with confidence at lower cost and complexity. VMware’s Cloud Infrastructure offers powerful scalability and performance capabilities, high availability and disaster recovery and broad industry support.

“Respond to Business Faster: VMware and the Path to Cloud Computing”

VMware enables enterprises and service providers to optimize their current infrastructures and build clouds to deliver infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS). With capabilities such as intelligent policy management, resource elasticity and flexible hybrid cloud management: the result is the most agile, efficient and trusted cloud infrastructure that has the capability to leverage the hybrid cloud.

Securing the Cloud
“Trust Your Cloud: Virtualized Environments — More Secure than Physical”

VMware is addressing security and control concerns head-on with a range of security and compliance solutions specifically for the cloud including; a unified security framework policy for the cloud, adaptive trust zones and strict compliance and accelerated remediation.



What is NetApp’s position on VMware’s CIM launch?

NetApp supports VMware on its launch of the Cloud Infrastructure and Management Software portfolio.  NetApp’s support of each of the major CIM launch components demonstrates how closely aligned the two companies’ strategies are around accelerating our joint customer’s journey to the cloud by helping them evolve from a traditional IT architecture to a flexible, shared IT infrastructure to deliver IT as a Service.   According to Gartner, as of mid-2011, at least 40% of x86 architecture workloads have been virtualized on servers; furthermore, the install base is expected to grow five-fold from 2010 through 2015 (as both the number of workloads in the marketplace grow and as penetration grows to more than 75%).  This represents a big opportunity for NetApp and our Channel Partners to capture user preference in virtualized environments by remaining the best storage for VMware environments and in collaboration with VMware’s CIM software, we can uniquely deliver the performance, availability, and flexibility of shared IT infrastructures for business critical applications, cloud deployments, and even the entire datacenter, all at unprecedented efficiencies.

Together, VMware’s cloud infrastructure solutions and NetApp’s efficient, flexible storage foundation will enable customers to drive their cloud computing strategies forward, confidently moving business critical applications to virtual and cloud platforms while reaping new levels of efficiency and flexibility.




Product Announcements

There are several key products being announced.  I’ll list and summarize them here, and cover them in more detail with subsequent posts throughout the following days and weeks.


  • VMware vSphere 5.0:  vSphere 5.0 now supports “Super VMs,” high availability and auto-deploy, delivering scalability, performance, availability and faster provisioning for the most resource-intensive applications.  vSphere 5.0 will be certified on NetApp Data ONTAP (at release) and 8.0.1 (soon after release) for the FAS and V-Series platforms for NFS, iSCSI, FC, and FCoE.  NetApp will support the vStorage APIs at release.
  • VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager 5.0:  vCenter SRM 5.0 offers significant scalability improvements, a flexible VM boot sequence, planned migration workflows, and automated failback capabilities. NetApp Storage Replication Adapter supporting these new SRM features is available immediately!
  • VMware vShield 5.0:  vShield 5.0 provides a single policy management framework,       role-based access control, layer 2 firewall protection, improved       scalability and performance, sensitive data discovery and validation of       compliance against regulatory requirements for auditing purposes.  vShield 5.0 is a key part of the enhanced Secure Multi-Tenancy (SMT) architecture.
  • VMware vCloud Director 1.5:  vCloud Director 1.5 enables faster provisioning with Linked Clones, globalization, expanded APIs, and support for MS SQL Server as the backend database.  NetApp also provides unique integrations around intelligent policy-based provisioning and backup and recovery in vCloud environments.
  • VMware vSphere Storage Appliance 1.0:  vSA 1.0 targets the Small and Medium Business market and delivers networked storage capabilities for up to three virtualized hosts with internal server storage or DAS.  VMware’s vSA targets an alternative storage service for small deployments in the SMB market (fewer than 500 employees) and validates the general approach of leveraging virtual storage appliances to augment traditional storage systems from NetApp.


How are NetApp and VMware working together for you?

NetApp and VMware are mutual Global Technology Alliance Partners and share a common vision to accelerate our customer’s journey to the cloud. Together enterprises evolve from a traditional IT architecture to a flexible, shared IT infrastructure to deliver IT as a Service. NetApp works closely with VMware to provide powerful storage solutions for VMware environments.

  • Together we make IT more efficient. NetApp works with VMware to improve resource, operational, and management efficiencies, and drive down overall costs with unique efficiency capabilities such as industry-leading deduplication, Virtual Storage Tiering and Secure Multi-Tenancy, that enable them to guarantee using 50% less storage.
  • Together we make IT more flexible.  NetApp works with VMware to respond faster to changing business needs with unique capabilities including       hardware-accelerated VM cloning and provisioning, integrated data       protection, and end-to-end visibility into the IT infrastructure for real-time capacity planning, troubleshooting, and predictive modeling to complement server virtualization and make IT more dynamic.
  • Together we deliver a single integrated solution. Through key integration points into VMware’s vSphere and vCloud management layers, enterprises can now manage service delivery and SLAs through intelligent policy-based provisioning and protection from applications to storage.  With deep engineering collaboration, NetApp empowers VMware administrators to       manage storage directly through vCenter as a central tool to monitor, manage, provision, change and deprovision storage resources for VMs.


This is merely the introduction post in a series I have prepared for this weeks activities/festivities.  Be sure and subscribe, as I will be posting at least one a day for the next few days covering all of these new technologies and enhancements in detail!

Congratulations to Maritz, Herrod, and all of VMware on announcing this bold new future!



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