VMworld 2011, Day 1 Roundup

For most of us at NetApp, this week is the culmination of work that started back in May/June, or even earlier, with planning booth layout, what we were going to show, how we were going to show it, etc etc etc.

Since then, it has been a laser-focused, rockin’ & rollin’ team effort to bring you everything you see in the booth, in the Hands-On-Labs, and the overall presence at the show.

What I wanted to talk about were some things I heard and saw on Day 1, and maybe breed some additional discussion around what you guys liked, or followup on questions that maybe didn’t get a complete answer in the booth, or want to go into more detail.

First, it has been a completely different experience as an attendee versus a vendor.  I find that I’m still spending most of my time networking, talking with my peers (both customers, partners, and competition), but with customers, I’m having an absolute blast talking about developing advanced solutions built on virtual infrastructures on NetApp storage solutions.

The booth is hopping, customers are coming by to chat, the FlexPod is cookin’, and the Cloupia/Insight Balance display looks amazing!

Please go do the Hands-On-Labs and give me your feedback! We really want to hear what you think!  We want to make it even better next year!

Please come by the booth and see one of our four pillars: Enterprise Biz Apps, Cloud Solutions, Virtual Desktops, FlexPod, and/or schedule some time to meet with me or others in the Genius Lounge to talk in some detail about our solutions.

The highlight of Day 1 for me, personally, was being able to share my passion for NetApp solutions with many, many customers.  I like seeing their eyes light up when it clicks….when they “get it” that “it just works.”

Also, the view from #CXIparty was pretty amazing.  (Thanks for the invite Christopher!)

(pictures coming later today once I download them.)


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