VMworld 2011: What I Voted for and Why…

I am a big fan of transparency. For that reason, I wanted to share with you my personal selections for which I voted for VMworld 2011, and add a little personal input as to why I voted for them.

Now, before I began the massive undertaking that is reviewing all of the submissions, and placing my vote, I took my NetApp hat off, and had a nice long talk with the man in the mirror about what would be important to me, as a user, as a customer, as an engineer, and as an admin, and even as a CIO/CTO.

I then began to break things up into categories/subjects of content. The following is what I came up with, and the hot topics of the next 1-2 years as I see it, played a lot into my voting.

Automation, Orchestration, & Self-Service

This might be THE hottest topic for engineers and admins right now, as well as shops looking to lower their OpEx management costs, and maybe even repurposing personnel.

1222 Orchestration – From Infrastructure to Cloud
1308 Automating Cisco UCS with vSphere Deployments
1361 PowerCLI 101
1440 vCenter Orchestrator – The Missing “Getting Started” Session
1441 Developing Workflows for vCenter Orchestrator (vCO)
1622 vSphere Automation 101 – vCenter Orchestrator
1882 Manage ESXi with PowerCLI
1883 PowerCLI Best Practices
1939 Powershell Scripting for vCloud and other VMware APIs
2205 PowerCLI, APIs and Formatting – Thinking Out of the Box
2223 Automating VMware View with PowerShell



‘Nuff said.  I think it’s going to be game-changing once fully baked and adopted.  From shops looking to replace Lab Manager, to the private Enterprise cloud, vCloud Director WILL take hold.  You may not know it as an end user, but the Service Provider you are buying “Cloud Resources” from is likely leveraging vCloud Director to provide you that service.

1264 Private vCloud Architecture Technical Deepdive
1302 Active Directory Considerations in a Multi-Tenant Cloud Infrastructure
1422 Load Balancing in a vCloud Environment
1600 vCloud Networking Finally Explained – FINALLY!
1603 How VMware’s Products Are Like a Military Unit
1702 Deploying an Enterprise Cloud With F5 and VMware
1703 Managing The Cloud, Inside and Outside of Your Data Center
1705 Flying Your Apps In The Cloud
1862 Deploying vCloud Director in Your Enterprise – Installation & Configuration
1870 Metering and Billing in Cloud Using vCenter Chargeback
2027 vCloud Director Networking and Architecting for External Dependencies for Private Clouds
2186 How NetApp Saved Hundreds of Thousands of $$ in Capex and Opex by Using GaleForce to Build a Virtualized Private Cloud to Serve Their Channel
2239 Leveraging vCloud Director to Build Enterprise-Class Clouds
2387 Performance and Best Practices for VMware vCloud Director 1.0


Operations & Management

I was disappointed with the lack of submissions in this area. A meager showing by VMware with vCenter Ops, and NetApp showing Insight Balance, which is the result of the recent Akorri acquisition.

1238 vCenter Operations Standard 101
2890 Knowing What Is Happening: Managing Dynamic Services in the Private Cloud


Oracle on VMware

If you’ve read my posts over the last few years, you know that I’ve been a long-time evangelist of virtualizing Oracle.  As a customer before, and now at NetApp, I still participate in discussions almost WEEKLY about doing this.  And I will continue to.  I’ve approached VMware about sitting on the panel for Session 1548, should it get selected.  So go vote for it!

1380 Keep Your Current Skills and Manage Oracle Within a Virtualized Infrastructure
1548 Oracle on VMware Panel Discussion
1955 Deploying Oracle RAC Databases on vSphere Platform
1985 Oracle Database Best Practices on vSphere
2151 Virtualizing Oracle on VMware vSphere: Lessons Learned and Best Practices
2207 Running Oracle RAC on a vSphere Cluster
2624 Virtualizing Oracle Database Servers


Business Continuance

1432 VMware Data Recovery – Everything You Need To Know
2870 Where Did All My Replicas Go?! Managing End-to-End Replication for DR and Backup in One Framework
2853 Building Disaster-Proof VDI Environments: Restoring Customer Service and Employees Productivity When It Matters Most
2877 Successfully Configuring Site Recovery Manager 5



I personally voted for the Super Heavyweights session, and not the other two.  I did this because the only reason there were MULTIPLE submissions this year, was due to the success of the Super Heavyweights panel LAST year.  I do not want to marginalize ANY of them from getting selected by diluting the vote, so let’s all focus on the RIGHT one so that it gets selected again!

1623 Storage Superheavy Weight Smackdown 2011
1933 Storage IO Control for NAS Datastores
1948 Architecting a 50,000 Seat Virtual Desktop Infrastructure with VMware View
2031 Understanding How Storage Design Has a Big Impact on Your VDI
2209 Understanding How Storage Design has a Big Impact on Your VDI (EU)
2248 Advanced Load Testing of the VMware Storage Stack w/ Powershell
2888 Optimizing Storage for Zimbra


General vSphere & View

1647 ROBO and View
1681 Transitionining to ESXi
1682 vSphere Clustering Q&A
1708 VCDX Preparation Boot Camp
1946 Making vCenter Server Highly Available
1940 10 Best Free Tools for vSphere Management in 2011
2057 Extreme ROBO vSphere Deployment
2257 Top 10 Ways to Become a Cloud Innovator Using VMware Technology
2306 Virtual Networking Best Practices and Troubleshooting for Cisco Nexus 1010 and 1000v
2333 VDI – Answers to the Questions You Wish You Asked
2756 Performance and Best Practices for VMware Update Manager 5.0
2757 A Deep Dive on Virtual Distributed Switching & Cisco Nexus 1000v
2867 VDI User Experience: The Secret Portal of Productivity
2880 Optimizing Virtual Desktop Environments: How Storage Efficiency Will Improve Performance and Save Money


Tier 1 Applications

Last year’s representation of Tier 1 sessions was absolutely abysmal.  VMware even came out and said publicly that they intentionally did not select Tier 1 stuff because they wanted to get back to fundamentals and roots sessions.  I hope you can see, VMware, by the number of submissions around Oracle, SQL, SAP, Exchange, Sharepoint that it IS still a very hot and viable topic, and that it is typically the BIGGEST stumbling block for companies getting to 100% virtualized states.  Please give us more this year!

1902 Design, Deploy, and Optimize Exchange 2010 on vSphere
2095 Unstoppable Force to Virtualize Tier-1 Applications in Private Cloud: End to End High Availability Options with Operational Intelligence
2356 SQL Server on VMware – High Availability Deep Dive
2855 NetApp Introduces “Cloud-Mode” Storage
2857 Redefining Datacenter Boundaries: Spanning a Datacenter Across a Metropolis
2859 VM Misalignment: Why It Really Matters, What It Is Costing You Right Now, and How To Fix It
2863 How to Use Distance to Your Advantage to Create a Unified Data Protection Strategy

I can’t wait to get my Clam Chowder at the Wharf (Thanks @trey_anderson and @KongYang for reminding me that I will miss out on Wharf chowder this year since it’s in Vegas) Man v. Food Burrito at NASCAR restaraunt, In-N-Out with @2vcps, hang out with everyone in the Blogger’s Lounge, and visit and talk shop with everyone that comes by the NetApp booth in the Expo.  Unfortunately, since I now work for NetApp, I will not be winning iPads, or swag in general this year, as I did last year.


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