VMworld 2012: Let’s Get A Head-Start!

Here we go again!  No rest for the weary!

Whether you realize it or not, VMworld 2012 is right around the corner!  Roughly 4 months from now, 10’s of 1000’s of people will converge on San Francisco for what I would consider one of the biggest conferences of our industry.  And by biggest, I’m not referring to head count.  There’s just something about the atmosphere at VMworld’s that is different than an Oracle OpenWorld, or a MS TechEd, or a Cisco Live!

I can tell you that work has already begun on buildout of the content for the Hands-On-Labs for this years show.  We’re having a blast writing the content, and looking forward to sharing it with you!

Now, on to the meat of this post:  Breakout sessions.

Duncan Epping mentioned something earlier on his Facebook page about what this year’s breakout sessions should be, and it inspired me to come out and ASK YOU, THE READER AND ATTENDEE!

In my eyes, there seems to be a bit of a favor towards panels and live Q&A sessions, rather than the typical “Here’s a TME or Product Mgr with some marketing slides” type of session.   It seems obvious, but often gets lost in the eyes of those actually presenting.

The Call for Papers will inevitably be very soon, and I wanted to give you a chance to make requests in the comments (that will be seen my those of us creating sessions/papers, as well as the PM’s for the products!)

What do you want to see from NetApp at VMworld this year?
Do you have any constructive criticism from prior years’ events you’d like to share?
Aside from the usual Storage Heavyweights panel that Vaughn Stewart participates in, are there other panels or Q&A’s where you’d like to see NetApp represented?

This is your chance to weigh-in on what we’re going to present at the show!



  1. Shane Williford

    I don’t use NetApp, so for me, I’d like to see something on how it works. Maybe simplistic, but would be good. NOT a sales pitch. But just something on the product, and THEN some type of Q&A. That’s how I’d like to see most sessions. To be honest, at least 1/2 are some kind of sales pitch. Last yr, I mostly avoided BOS’s like the plague, minus the ‘jeopardy’ type show with the VCDX’s and vEXPERTS. (that was fun)

    I agree…I like the sessions that show how a technology works, then Q&A is available for the attendees to ask questions about their environment, hypotheticals, etc.So, that is my suggestion.

    Thanks for the post! Let’s get this party started! :)

    1. Nick Howell

      @twitter-24762751:disqus ,

      Thanks for the feedback!  This is exactly the kind of stuff we need to hear from more people, and getting it in before the actual call for papers goes out is good ammunition to take to our committees!

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