‘Tis the Season – VMworld: GO!

VMworld 2013 banner dates

…and boy have the last few months been a rollercoaster!

It’s the end of August.  It’s absolute crunch-time.  Everyone is going nuts.  We’re all excited/stressed/overwhelmed/insert-your-favorite-adjective every year around this time.

It’s time for VMworld!

This year, we are BRINGING IT!  More gear!  More People!  More demos!  Hands-On-Labs!  Giveaways!  Bigger Booth!

Every year we start around February or March to begin planning for VMworld.  It’s almost a year-round effort at this point, and is one of the most exciting/stressful/overwhelming/insert-your-favorite-adjective-ing period of time every season.


Going, Going… Back, Back… to Cali, Cali…

As most of you may already know, in the middle of all the madness of the fall trade show season (mid-July), I relocated back to Los Angeles.  This has affected my online productivity a bit while services get set up, and VMworld and NetApp Insight activities have dominated my calendar.


Where’s the Podcast, Nick?

To address this, we must get sad for a moment.  My fantastic co-host, Gabe Lowe, has recently moved on from NetApp.  Gabe is one of my favorite people in the IT world, has a bright future spearheading the support efforts over at PernixData, and he will be hard to replace as a co-host on the show.  I am actively searching, but will fly solo as long as I need to until that enigmatic person that fits just right crosses my path.

That aside, we’re still very much planning future episodes, and at-best, could have some new content for you this week.  At worst, it will quickly follow VMworld US and the Labor Day holiday in the US.


I look forward to seeing everyone at both VMworld’s and Insight’s, US and EMEA, over the next 90 days, and once I come up for air, I will have lots of content to followup on with you here after we hear next week’s announcements, and all of you can tell me what you thought of the new VSC 5.0 in the Hands-On-Labs!

Dont be shy!  Come introduce yourself and say hi!  I might have a prize for you!  ;)


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