VMworld 2012: Let’s Get Ready to Rumble!

VMworld 2012

Well, here we go again…

It’s the end of the summer, the breeze is blowing in San Francisco, and 25,000-ish Virtualization enthusiasts, partners, and customers are descending upon Moscone Center for all of the various activities.  Breakout sessions, Hands-On-Labs, and the biggest part of the event, in my opinion:  the Solutions Exchange.

We arrived Friday morning early to start setting up the NetApp booth, but realistically, the planning for this event begins almost immediately after the previous one ends.  Post-mortem meetings about what we want to do next year, what worked well, and what didn’t.  From that point, the process begins designing the booth for the following year.  It is a very long, full-time, annual job for a select few people.  The effort they put into this event often goes unrecognized, as they are mostly behind the scenes.  So let’s thank them…

Monica Ortiz & Madeline Goeringer.  This is only my second VMworld with you, but your ability to execute and deliver is second-to-none.  Very impressed with the improvements to the booth layout this year, and it has all come together extremely well.  Thank you for tolerating our bajillion questions, complaints, and other various forms of feedback.

Chris “Dr. Desktop” Gebhardt, Mike Zimmerman, Pete Flecha, Chris Wells, Julian Cates, Michael Ansel, and many others.  Last year, we introduced the FlexPod in the booth with live demos, and what you guys have done this year building many virtual POD environments to run those demos is simply amazing architecture and work.  Even though I wasn’t as intimately involved with it this year, I’ve eavesdropped and paid attention to some of the conversations and watched you guys all work out the details over the past few months.  Playing with the environment for the first time yesterday was really rewarding and gratifying, and you should all be extremely proud of what you’ve accomplished.  The customers are really going to enjoy the demos and being able to use all of their senses to interact with a REAL environment.  These guys are the heart & soul of the NetApp demos.  If you can pin one of the core guys down in the booth, I’m sure they would be happy to give you a tour of the underlying infrastructure used, to really show you the power of NetApp, Cisco, and VMware.

Jack “McCloud” McCleod.  The amount of work, time, and effort you put into the Hands-On-Lab this year is remarkable, and I cannot wait to take the lab myself.  You really took the ball and ran with it, and I have no doubt we’re going to come out being one of the highest ranked labs again this year because of your efforts.  Well done.

OK…so what else is going on?

One notable thing that I didn’t realize was that the WuPaaS party tonight was NOT at the Thirsty Bear this year.  It is at Jillian’s around the corner from Moscone on 4th street in the Metreon.

More to come, stay tuned!  Be sure to follow #NetAppVMworld on twitter to stay up to date with postings from all of us at @NetApp!

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