VMworld 2013 Session Voting Open!

VMworld 2013 banner dates

It is upon us, folks!  VMworld 2013 has unofficially begun, especially for all of us that work nearly year round to put this show on.  From booth planning, deciding which sessions are the best of the best (out of over 100) to submit to you for voting, to building powerpoints, planning our “big bang,” working on the Hands On Labs, etc etc etc…. the time is here.


More on that in a bit.

First and foremost, I wanted to highlight the sessions that are up for voting from the NetApp vTME team, and our known associates/cohorts/partners-in-crime, so that you’re aware of the diverse selection of content we want to present to you this year.  From infrastructure and storage networking, to virtual desktops, to storage automation with vCAC and vCO, we’re bringin’ it this year, and hopefully you’ll see that we’ve been hard at work for all of you.   Remember, these are merely the breakout sessions, and are usually a pretty good indicator of what we’re also going to be highlighting within our Global Diamond sponsor booth in the Solutions Exchange (my favorite part of the show).

Please excuse the long/large image here, but I wanted to give you a nice list with everything “NetApp” you needed to know.  Lots more info below the image!


VMworld 2013 NetApp voting

“But Nick, I don’t see you listed up there?!  Why aren’t you speaking?!”

Great question!  The reason is, between this blog and our NetApp Communities Podcast you get to hear me rattle on enough, and while I might be one of the more exposed advocates at NetApp, we have some amazing and talented individuals on the vTME team, and they need to be heard as well.  Where do you think I source a lot of the great information for the podcast and these blog posts?  These guys are some of the top talent in the industry, VCP’s and vExperts, and it’s time to get them exposed.

“OK, cool!  But what are you planning to be doing at VMworld?!”

For this, you’re going to have to wait and see in a future post…  But it’s going to be a lot of fun, and it involves ALL OF YOU!

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