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interviews at VMworld

One of the coolest parts of VMworld is the community and brotherhood and level of camaraderie that a large group of us have become a part of.  I wanted to take a moment to highlight two key groups that were interviewing members of the community to highlight their opinions, as well as their areas of expertise.


For the second year in a row, I had the pleasure of being interviewed by TrainSignal, Inc at VMworld US in San Francisco.   I really enjoy the questions they ask, and the fact that they incorporate/showcase as many of the vExperts around the world into these interviews.  It makes for some amazing perspectives, and as most of us are customers/implementers/resellers/vendors, it really tends to gives you an indication of where the industry is headed.

Here’s mine…

…and I would highly recommend that you watch this awesome 20-min mashup of ALL of the vExperts interviewed, and what they thought was the most exciting innovation announcement at VMworld.

…also, I just noticed that Jillian did a mashup of what we all thought were the “Best Worst Pieces of Technology.”   Mine was texting.  :)

You can see all of the other vExpert video’s over on Jillian Pandav‘s blog at  http://www.trainsignal.com/blog/



A few months ago, Amy Lewis, Marketing Mgr at Cisco started a new series called EngineersUnplugged.   You get 5 minutes and a whiteboard to talk about whatever piece of tech is important to you, your users, and/or your customers.   I think this has some amazing potential to become a great series, and I love the short nature of it to quickly highlight piece-parts of technology that people can see maybe something they’re missing, or comparing features and use-cases of different products.

I talked Data Protection; how recovering your applications are the most important part, and how you do not need to do tapes anymore.

…and then I had to draw a unicorn, showcasing my intense artistic skills.  (Thanks for catching me off-guard, Amy!)


What about you, readers?

  • Favorite innovation announcement at VMworld?
  • Favorite worst piece of technology?

Let me know in the comments below!

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